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Corsi & Pampanelli, the pleasure of travelling!

The Corsi & Pampanelli s.n.c., operating for over 90 years as a leader in the field of passenger transport, has always been focused on the search for quality of service and customer care.
Our history is testimony of strength and reliability.
Our staff is carefully selected for technical and interpersonal skills, the ability to deal with unexpected events and to assist the customer in any situation.

The Corsi & Pampanelli holds certification CSQ to:
- the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system
- the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System
- the Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007

Our services

Excursions and Tours

National and International Travel, Shopping tour, City Sightseeing, School trips

Shuttle services

Airports, Ports, Train Stations, Exhibitions, Conferences, Meetings, Events, VIP Service

Local Public Transport

Municipality of Anagni
Municipality of Colleferro
Municipality of Fonte Nuova -Mentana
Municipality of Monte Compatri
Municipality of Paliano
Municipality of Sgurgola


Our Fleet - Coach hire

Our fleet consists of various types of buses equipped for maximum comfort and safety of passengers.
We have a fleet of between 20-seat minibuses, buses from 52 and up to 62 seats.
The fleet is meticulously maintained and checks carried out on our buses are dedicated to continuous and scrupulous attention to safety, maintaining the efficiency and especially the maintenance of standards of comfort for customer satisfaction.

Comfort on board: air conditioning, cd stereo, dvd, wc, minibar and espresso machine, sat nav and telepass equipment for the highway.
All our vehicles provide a set-up with fewer seats and a greater distance between the seats to ensure a more comfortable journey.

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Local Public Transportation -
Municipalities and timetable


Download the attached .PDF file, fill it and send to with a signed copy of your document.
The Corsi & Pampanelli manage local public transportation services in the following municipalities:

from 01/08/2022
new Line C3
click to see timetables


Current timetables
Travel vouchers

Rules for the traveler of public transport: terms of transport.

Our Fleet for Urban Public Transportation

Our urban fleet have a low environmental impact with EUR 5 engines to hybrid power.

Headquarters and store for the local public transport is located in Via Morolense, 42-03012 Anagni (FR)

Bus Parking Rome area

Where we are

Via di Casalbertone n.52
we are neighboring to:
- Highway A24 – G.R.A. exit Portonaccio, 2 minutes
- Tiburtina station (underground B - Terminal Bus), 5 minutes
- Termini station (underground A and B), 10 minutes
- S. Giovanni in Laterano church (underground A and C), 10 minutes
- Piazza Bologna (underground B), 10 minutes


Phone +39 06.4393509 | Fax +39.


- MINIBUS up to 8 meters 24 h € 50 + 22% VAT

- BUSES up to 12 meters 24 h € 60 + 22% VAT

- MAXIBUS up to 15 meters 24 h € 70 + 22% VAT

park Available soon service.

24.000 mq in the center of Rome


The parking area is located in Casal Bertone area a short distance from the Bus Terminal of the Tiburtina railways station and is therefore particularly suitable for storage of buses arriving in Rome. The parking area is able to accommodate 70 buses, operates 24 hours a day and offer ancillary services.

 Special rates for monthly passes.

Parking services

The parking is available every day 24 hours a day.
We have a video surveillance service and a security service with dedicated staff.
We make available car wash service for buses until 15 metres and discharge of chemical toilets.
There is also a refreshment stand for the crews.

Ancillary services will be required on arrival of the bus to the parking or booked directly online when booking the parking.


To request a free quote, please send an email to our staff by filling out the form below. We will respond within 24 hours.

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  • · Rome: Administration and Human Research Department

  • · Rome: Booking Office and Operation Department

  • · Anagni: Operating center
  • Administration and Human Research Department

    Via Palestro, 87 - c.a.p. 00185 - Roma (RM) - Italia

    Telephone: (+39)

    Fax: (+39) 06.446.94.36


    certified mail:

    Booking Office and Operation Department

    Via Degli Orti di Malabarba, 30 - c.a.p. 00159 - Roma (RM) - Italia

    Telephone: (+39)

    Fax: (+39)


    Anagni operating center

    Via S.P. 12 Casilina Stazione Sgurgola, 42 – cap 03012 - Anagni (Fr) – Italia

    Write to...

    Administrative Director Rolando Corsi

    Legal and Human Resources Director Fabiana Corsi

    Italian sales Director Ilaria Pampanelli

    International sales Director Ileana Pampanelli